Some refer to time with their personal trainer as a

We have clients who prefer to call it
happy hour.


Dale Tucker — General Manager and Head Coach

Dale brings seven years of experience as a certified personal trainer, strength coach, and corrective exercise specialist, as well as three years of combat conditioning coaching from his time serving in the Marine Corps.

”I strive to create excellence in both coaching and communication with the coaches I work with/mentor, in order to provide a welcoming and family-friendly training environment. I work daily to keep people’s health from potentially limiting their enjoyment of what the Reno/Tahoe area has to offer and any other activities important to them. I want to provide my clients with solutions to their fitness problems, help them with points of pain, and eliminate any fears they may have about training.”

In addition to personal training, Dale is a certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach, having coached a weightlifting team in Truckee for two years with many clients becoming championship medallists. Every time he steps in the door he promises to practice the fundamentals, focus on the basics, and introduce new and innovative methods of teaching as needed to best serve each client.

Dale’s certifications and courses:
USAW WSPCC Lvl 1, WSO Referee
Rocktape FMT Movement Specialist, FMT Rockfloss, FMT Rockpods Myofascial Cupping Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist
Kime Bulletproof Summit
FMS Lvl 1
Barbell Medicine Pain and Rehab Seminar

Samijo Schuler — Certified Personal Trainer

“Hey everyone! I am Samijo! I am a certified personal trainer who is excited to be a part of your fitness journey. I fell in love with understanding the human body while earning my bachelor's degree in kinesiology at UNR. This motivated me to share my knowledge with others to improve their quality of life. My passions include learning new ways to move and groove, reading, and hiking!”

Samijo’s certications and courses:
BS Community Health Sciences
UNR NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Steven Gibson — Certified Personal Trainer

“When I started my fitness journey, I was anything but fit. I was twenty years old and unhappy with myself at 350 pounds bodyweight. With the help of a friend, I started losing weight by changing many of my lifestyle habits. I reached my weight loss goals and started competing in the sport of Strongman. After feeling as great and accomplished as I had, I decided to help other people train toward their goals. It quickly became my passion and that is what I hope to help people accomplish by training with me.”

Steven’s certifications and courses:
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Pre Script Lvl 2 Coach