Youth Engage in Sports

ENGAGE in Sports
Youth Sports
Performance Training

13–17 years • 8–12 years
1 day/wk ($90)
2 days/wk ($180)

(call for class schedule and availability)


In today's competitive athletic world you need a winning edge - you need speed, agility, power and strength. That's what the Engage Sports Performance Training program delivers. Whether your youth is interested in improving performance in a specific sport or seeks the confidence to attempt new physical challenges, our trainers are here to develop and implement programs to fit their unique development needs.

The NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified trainers at Engage Fitness and Training Center take pride in training the functionality of human mechanics. We understand that training is best used with exercises and techniques that improve functional strength.

At Engage Fitness and Training Center, we focus on them becoming:

  • stronger
  • faster
  • more agile
  • less prone to injury
  • focused
  • balanced
  • controlled
  • confident

Our youth sports training sessions are complex and systematic.  Throughout the course of the program specific attention is given to proper movement patterns and motor skills as they relate to athletics. Emphasis is placed on improving:

  • improving speed
  • agility
  • overall athlete performance
  • running mechanics
  • neuromusvular coordination
  • flexibility
  • core, trunk and hip strength
  • overall body awareness

Special attention is placed on proper progression and the development of each athlete.

Most importantly, we train in all the elements necessary for a balanced and versatile athlete. Our Youth Speed School is a highly effective, controlled, fun, and safe environment. Our students love class, have a great time, and get results.

Please contact us to schedule a time for us to meet and discuss a program that will meet your child’s physical goals.


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