Strength is the ability of the neuromuscular system to produce internal tension to overcome an external load. All muscles function eccentrically, isometrically, and concentrically in all three planes of motion at different speeds of movement, a training program should use a progressive approach that emphasizes the appropriate exercise selection, all muscle actions, and repetition tempos.

There are three basic types of strength: Strength endurance, Hypertrophy, and Maximal strength.  Engage Fitness and Training Center uses a progressive integrated training program that address one or all of these components of strength as needed by each individual client. 

You have different methods available to build strength.

  • Strength endurance:

The goal of strength endurance is to enhance stabilization strength and endurance while increasing prime mover strength.  The benefit of this type of training is the trainee will gain strength that will last over a prolonged period of time. What this means for the general population is having the ability to walk up a long flight of stairs without stopping to rest, or work on a heavy yard project without hired help.  For athletes it means going the distance when your opponent fails 10 yards from the finish line.

  • Hypertrophy:

Hypertrophy is an increase in mass or girth of a muscle.  The more size a muscle has the more overall strength it has.  Resistance training programs that use low to intermediate repetition ranges with progressive overload will lead to hypertrophy.  This is true for all populations.  Hypertrophy is beneficial to the general population and athletes because it increases the amount of muscle mass available for activity.  In order to continue to increase your strength beyond a set point it is beneficial to grow additional muscle mass.  Hypertrophy is also useful when trying to change the composition of the body.  As fat mass decreases muscle mass should increase resulting in a leaner more fit physique.

  • Maximal strength:

Maximal strength, as opposed to Hypertrophy training or bodybuilding, is a process concerned with neural adaptations. It involves training the nervous system to mutually increase the number of muscle fibers recruited in a given movement and to raise the rate at which the motor neurons fire; in other words, move as much weight as possible regardless of time, or reps.   A maximal strength program is built on Deadlifts, Squats, and Barbell presses. It is the foundation of pure strength that will last you a lifetime!

With all the different methods and theories about strength training it can be intimidating to get started. We will work with you to put the right program together for your fitness level and continue to develop your program to reach your full potential.