Our bodies are smart, and constantly adapt to accomplish our daily activities.  Unfortunately do to a lack of stability and core strength our activities are not always done as efficiently as possible.  These inefficiencies can lead to back pain, poor posture and possible injury. When you exercise on an unstable surface your muscles need to work harder to maintain your balance, leading to increased muscle activity.  As the core muscles adapt to the exercise stimulus they will begin to exhibit an increase in neuromuscular efficiency. The result will be a reduction in back pain, improved posture and a reduce risk of injury.

While it may sound intimidating at first, stability training simply means exercising with an unstable surface, which can be as simple as standing on one leg. Everyone from beginners to elite athletes can reap the benefits.   This kind of training also helps aging individuals increase their balance and avoid falls.

Our trainers incorporate stability training with their clients programs based on their individual needs.