Personal Training

Personal Training
Session Rates 

1-hour session – $70 ea.

(valid one year from purchase)

Flat Rates*

based on one-month and
$65 per session commitment)

2 days/wk ($520/mo)
3 days/wk ($780/mo)
4 days/wk ($1,040/mo)
5 days/wk ($1,300/mo)

Monthly personal training payments are due at the first training session of each month.

* Flat rates are not refundable if number of days purchased are unused during the month.

Monthly personal training payments are due at the first training of the month.

Engage Fitness and Training Center offers Personal Training for individuals ready to set and obtain their personal fitness goals.

At Engage Fitness and Training Center, we have a proven system, experience, and knowledge with a commitment to your success. The Engage System™ incorporates nutrition, cardio, strength training, and movement elements vital to a healthy lifestyle.

The trainers at Engage are disciplined and lead by example. We understand the effort and hard work it takes to be in top physical condition… We live that lifestyle. In fact, we have a saying around here…”If you’re all in, we’re all in.”

Our ideal clients have a goal in mind and are ready for a permanent healthy lifestyle change. We are your partner in getting you there.

Ralph Waldo Emerson is credited with saying “What I need is someone to make me do what I can.” We’re here to help make you do what you can. Are you all in?

Note: Free consultation and fitness assessment is available upon request by appointment only.