Body Fat Analysis & Fitness Assessment

Body fat analysis and Fitness Assessment are a free service offered by Engage Fitness and Training Center. The intent is to establish a starting point so you know what you need to focus on as you progress to achieving your end goal.

In order to use this assessment as a tool to gauge your progress it is important to a have regular re-assessment.  At Engage Fitness and Training Center we recommend re-checking your body fat percentage every two weeks.  This will help keep you on track and allow you to make any necessary adjustments to your training program as it relates to fat loss.  A Fitness Assessment should be done once every six months as it can take that long for significant fitness adaptions to be achieved in all areas of performance.  Keep in mind that a training program should be progressive and change every four to six weeks.

One of our NASM Certified Trainers will work with you to review your medical and exercise history, and perform a Fitness Assessment.  This assessment will include measuring your body fat percentage and establishing your fitness level.  The trainer will then make recommendations as to the steps you should take to reach your goals, as well as help you identify barriers to those goals.