Personal Training

Your success is our success.

We’re here to help you improve your life. Period.

By implementing carefully planned, customized programs we assist our clients in making positive and measurable changes in their lives.

Everyone, regardless of age or physical condition, deserves to enjoy the freedom of movement which serves to enhance physical health, mental health and emotion well being. Our individualized programs utilize the intelligence of your body and engage it to move and function healthfully and efficiently.

Clients can expect to acquire a working knowledge of the fundamental principles of good body alignment and posture, a better understanding of body mechanics and correct breathing techniques, along with experiencing increased strength, mobility and balance control. Usually, increased confidence in many aspects of life is also realized.

Each of our experienced and professional trainers is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. They are skilled at leading clients on the path to their goals, and, best of all, every-one has fun along the way.

To discuss a plan for your health and fitness goals, please email or call Mark or Tori to set up an appointment.

Personal Training Session Rates

1 hour session — $70 ea.

(valid one year from purchase)

Flat Rates

(based on one-month and $65 per session commitment)
2 days/wk ($ 520/mo)
3 days/wk ($ 780/mo)
4 days/wk ($ 1,040/mo)
5 days/wk ($ 1,300/mo)

Monthly personal training payments are due at the first training session of each month.